cabbage worms

Organic Approach to Controlling Cabbage Worms


When it comes to organic gardening, maintaining a healthy and vibrant garden goes beyond simply planting seeds and hoping for the best. A key aspect of successful organic gardening is nurturing the soil, which forms the foundation for robust plant growth. Kellogg, a prominent player in the organic soil industry, is committed not only to providing top-quality soil products but also to supporting the professional community. Established in 1999, Kellogg’s acquisition of Cascade Forest Products in northern California paved the way for the development of the renowned G&B Organics product line. This strategic move enabled Kellogg to better cater to the needs of independent nurseries and landscape professionals across the Western U.S.

Cabbage Worms: A Challenge for Organic Gardeners

Organic gardening enthusiasts often encounter challenges posed by various pests, and cabbage worms are no exception. These voracious caterpillars are a common menace that can devastate cabbage family plants, including broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. While chemical pesticides might be a quick fix, they run contrary to the organic gardening ethos. This is where Kellogg’s dedication to offering organic solutions shines.

Embracing Organic Soil for Pest Management

G&B Organics, a product line stemming from Kellogg’s strategic acquisition, embodies the principles of organic gardening. The importance of healthy soil is underscored by these products, as they provide the necessary nutrients for plants to thrive. Nurturing plants from the ground up not only boosts their immune systems but also deters pests like cabbage worms. Strong plants are naturally more resistant, making it harder for pests to take hold.

Cultivating a Healthy Ecosystem

The introduction of G&B Organics by Kellogg has not only empowered gardeners and professionals with effective tools for soil enrichment but has also contributed to the creation of healthier ecosystems. By promoting the use of organic products and sustainable practices, Kellogg has encouraged a shift towards environmentally friendly gardening methods. This approach benefits not only the plants but also the beneficial insects that play a pivotal role in keeping pests like cabbage worms in check.


In the realm of organic gardening, the battle against cabbage worms exemplifies the commitment of Kellogg to the betterment of the professional gardening community. Through the establishment of the G&B Organics line of products, Kellogg has not only expanded its offerings but has also championed the cause of organic pest management. By recognizing the significance of healthy soil and nurturing it through organic means, gardeners can enjoy bountiful harvests while upholding the principles of environmental responsibility. Through Kellogg’s efforts, the landscape of organic gardening continues to flourish.

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